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What's with the name?
French Style for “Improv of the Day,” Improv Du Jour is an improv festival hosted by UC Berkeley’s jericho! that aims to showcase current styles and formats of long-form improvisation. This festival will gather the leading (collegiate) long-form improv groups from around California, and possibly from the United States.

But what is it?
Improv du Jour is a two day long-form improv festival. In the evening of the first night, each team will have a chance to show off the style of long-form improvisation they practice back home. The night will be concluded with an improv jam and much merriment. The second day, however, is where the real magic happens. Prior to the festival, each team elects one member who wants to direct a specific type of long-form format (Harold, Montage, JTS Brown, etc.) at the festival. While it is best that directors choose a format they are comfortable with, they shouldn’t be afraid to take a risk (it’s what improv is all about!). On the second day, the members from all the improv teams will be jumbled up into mixed groups (so that everyone will get to play with people from different teams) and will be assigned to a format directed by someone from one of the teams. On the evening of the second day, there will be a showcase of all the different workshop groups performing their formats. After that, the directors of each format will come together and jam. After the showcase, there will be an irie after-party.

But where is it?
Improv Du Jour will take place at the UC Berkeley campus.

Sounds fair...when?
IDJ will take place on February 7th and 8th. Please let us know whether or not you are going to attend the festival by January 1st.

Ah, cool date ~ what teams will be there?
All the homies. Teams invited so far are: TBD (UCB), Birdstrike (UCD), Someone Always Dies (UCSC), Humor Force Five (UCSC), Second Nature (USC), Merry Men (USC), and Left Right Tim (UC Boulder). There may be more added to the list soon!

But where will I sleep?
There are several hostels and hotels in Berkeley and the East Bay in general that are reasonably affordable. Teams may also want to reach out to friends in the area to save cash duckets. It is possible that we will be able to provide limited accommodations for some of the teams. If you are having trouble finding housing, please let us know!

This shit sounds expensive.
It’s not! Besides the cost of gas and accommodations, Improv Du Jour costs only $14 per team.

But will peer-directed formats be weird?

Hmm, sounds interesting. One last question: Is it going to be rad?
Erm, yeah, of course dude.. slow-roasted comedy, swagger style.