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   UC Berkeley

jericho! is U.C. Berkeleyís premier comedy troupe. jericho! produces shows consisting of live longform improvisation, original theatrical sketches, sketch videos, and guerrilla improv videos. However, jericho! applies improvisation philosophy throughout all its work, leaving a lot to the unexpected.
   UC Berkeley

Founded in the Fall Semester of 2011, TBD Comedy is a relatively new comedy troupe on the Cal Berkeley campus. We explore both various longform and shortform improv formats in our shows and practices.
   UC Davis

Birdstrike Theatre is UC Davis' premier improv comedy troupe. Founded in the early 2000's, Birdstrike has been the cause of countless giggles, guffaws and chortles for its audiences. Birdstrike predominantly performs longform improv, which focuses on scene and character-based humor, rather than shortform, like "Whose Line Is It Anyway." Birdstrike usually performs 3-4 "mini" shows every quarter that are entirely improv. At the end of every quarter, we have a big show composed of live and video sketch (pre-written) comedy. You can view some of our videos on Youtube (http://youtube.com/user/birdstriketheatre).
Humor Force Five
   UC Santa Cruz

Humour Force Five is UCSCís longest running, and consequently most venerable, improv troupe. When itís wizened members arenít yelling at kids to get off their lawn, they can be found performing a variety of short form and long form improv escapades at various venues around the UCSC campus.
Merry Men
   University of Southern California

Come all ye lords and ladies to see The Merry Men, USC's Premier All-British Improv Comedy Troupe! Our players perform in an array of comedic stylings: short and long form improvisation, sketch comedy, clowning... We're all of us here for your viewing pleasure, so don't miss our fortnightly shows!